# Required | The unique ID for the home listing.,# Required | The name of the home listing,"# Required | The current availability of the listing. | Supported: for_sale, for_rent, sale_pending, recently_sold, off_market, available_soon",# Required | The street address for the listing.,# Required | The city for the listing.,"# Required | The state, county, region or province of the listing.",# Required | The country for the listing.,# Required only if for countries with a postal code system| Postal or zip code for the listing.,# Required | The latitude of the listing.,# Required | The longitude of the listing.,"# Required | The neighborhood for the home listing. If you have more than one neighborhood, add additional columns for each type and use JSON-path syntax in each column name to indicate the number of neighborhoods (for example: neighborhood[0]; neighborhood[1]). | Max neighborhoods allowed: 20","# Required | The URL for the image used in your ad. For square (1:1) aspect ratios in the carousel ad format, your image should be 600x600. For single image ads, your image should be at least 1200x630 pixels. If you have more than one image, add additional columns for each type and use JSON-path syntax in each column name to indicate the number of images (for example: image[0].url; image[1].url). | Max items: 20",# Required | The cost and currency of the home listing. The price is a number followed by the currency code (ISO 4217 standards).,# Required | A link to the website where you can view the listing.,# Optional | A description of the home listing. | Max characters: 5000,"# Optional | A tag appended to the image that shows what's in the image. For example, front door or pool.",# Optional | Number of bedrooms,# Optional | Number of baths,"# Optional | The type of property | Supported: apartment, condo, house, land, manufactured, other, townhouse","# Optional | The type of listing | Supported: for_rent_by_agent, for_rent_by_owner, for_sale_by_agent, for_sale_by_owner, foreclosed, new_construction, new_listing",# Optional | The number of units available. Use only for apartments or condos available for rental. home_listing_id, name, availability, address.addr1, address.city, address.region, address.country, address.postal_code, latitude, longitude, neighborhood[0], image[0].url, price, url,description,image[0].tag[0],num_beds,num_baths,property_type,listing_type,num_units