Allen Messing

Land Pro- Agent

Allen has been a resident of West Michigan his entire life.  Having grown up in the Rockford/Lowell area, he was exposed to and discovered his love for the outdoors.  His passion for the outdoors has only compounded over the years.  As a child he found himself lost in the outdoors almost daily.  Little did he know then that his understanding of it was being hardwired to his core.  Everything intrigued him; he had to understand the why to nature’s complexities.

He became an addict for hunting, and chasing whitetails has become a way of life for him.  He has hunted various parts of the country and been fortunate enough to harvest whitetail, mule deer, bear, turkey, and elk from multiple states, including the prized Michigan Elk Hunt.

His life-long curiosity of the “mysteries” of wildlife, combined with working in the agricultural industry for a decade, all the while studying soil science and plant nutrition, has equipped him with the knowledge and understanding of how a variety of wildlife live in different habitats.  He learned how to effectively change the habitat to create optimum conditions for them and how to utilize the land for its maximum benefit.

Allen has worked alongside farmers in agribusiness, helping them grow not just their crops, but also the future of their businesses.  He assisted them in developing strategies to improve the soil and trees for future years.  Along with working at Pine Hill Sportsman’s Club for 12 years, managing the habitat and cover crop programs has given him some unique tools to understand the possibilities that property can offer, both environmentally and financially.

You can be confident that Allen will be just as passionate as you are in the search for, or sale of your real estate.  He will constantly strive to find the greatest benefit for his clients while implementing new ideas and ensuring their needs always come first.  Honesty and Integrity will always be at the forefront in any circumstance he finds himself in.