Chris Hunter

Land Pro | Agent

Chris Hunter was born August 9, 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Being six weeks early and having to be medevacked at 4lbs 13oz, it was on that day, and on many other occasions, that he has proved his “lion” tendencies.

His fiery outlook on life is transparent and has not only motivated him to be “different,” but also to motivate many others throughout his journey.

As a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, Chris developed a deep love for the outdoor industry at a very young age. He was always fascinated with the “flight of an arrow” and with that love, his goal was to mold it all together and find a career within that industry someday.

He has worked tirelessly towards that goal for some time now. He has overcome some major health events in his life as a young boy and throughout college, all the while still remaining to be the Chris we all know today.

In 2010, he relocated from Pennsylvania to South Central Iowa to continue to strive towards his main goal of venturing further into the outdoor industry and continue self-filming his own bowhunting journey. Taking things to the next level, Chris continues to capture his own hunts while also helping others strategize and redesign their habitat to capture their own success.

Whether it’s improving a farm that’ll be sold onto the next person looking to fulfill their dreams, or helping you find and turn key on your own dreams, Chris’ passion for the outdoors is purely unique and a pleasure to be around.

His love for bow hunting the biggest whitetails he can find is ever-present. He has maintained a focus and a driving belief that one day he’ll look back and appreciate all the sacrifices and hard work that he has put into his dreams, as well as helping others achieve their own dreams.

His outlook on chasing personal goals, whether it’s in the gym, out in the field, within his work, with his family or his clients is simply to “give it your all and finish what you start.”

“I’m extremely grateful to not only have my journey and passion for the outdoors take me down the path of Real Estate, but to also do it in one of the best places in the world as a whitetail hunter. I’m looking forward to the future opportunities that are yet to come within this journey and I’m simply honored to be a part of such a strong team that relentlessly strives to offer the knowledge and expertise you deserve. It’s a 365-day-a-year passion for us and we simply look forward to helping you buy, sell, and most importantly find and set up your own dreams and memories!”