Ryan Kayle


Ryan Kayle was born and raised in Charles City, Iowa. He graduated from Charles City High School and continued to Upper Iowa University. His current home is in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  

His passion for the outdoors started at an incredibly early age by his father taking him fishing. From Day One, he was hooked. That love for the outdoors entered him into his other passion which is whitetail deer. From bowhunting, to trail cams, to walking to find shed antlers, and collecting those antlers.  

He acquired his first antler in the mid 90s off a wall in a farmer’s shop and collecting has been a hobby ever since. “Every antler is unique in its own way because there will never be another one exactly the same” Over the years, he has met and formed relationships with other collectors who harvested over the years. “Making that connection with someone and gaining their trust to let you come into their home and see their passion for whitetails is amazing!” 

Ryan’s passion for real estate began in 2018, with his first purchase of his own investment property in Cedar Falls, IA. Since then, Ryan has invested in numerous long- and short-term rental properties. “Being able to find the right property, get the offer in, and getting the purchase agreement signed is a wonderful feeling.” Now, as an agent with the Midwest Lifestyle Properties team, Ryan takes his love for real estate to the next level by helping others achieve their goals of owning their own piece of ground and their forever home. He is excited to help you pursue your dream!