Samantha Moore


Born and raised within Columbia County, Samantha’s profound love and passion for hunting and the great outdoors are deeply rooted in her upbringing. Whether she’s perched in a tree stand chasing Whitetail bucks, knee deep in a marsh hunting waterfowl, treading through prairie grass looking for pheasants, or nestled beneath a pine tree calling in turkeys- she thrives in the diverse landscapes of both the outdoors and real estate. Samantha’s most memorable hunt was when she was nine months pregnant, harvesting her biggest buck with a bow. It’s a testament to her resilience, and she is ready to bring that same precision and dedication into finding your ideal property.

Samantha resides in Marquette County with her husband, two kids, and their yellow lab. When it’s time to hang deer stands, plant food plots, set up cameras, scout for birds, or manage the land, the entire family is involved and comes out. She places great importance on raising her kids in the outdoors, instilling values of respect for the land, knowledge of food sources, and a strong work ethic – not being afraid to get their hands dirty.

Samantha’s family finds joy in flipping homes, combining her passion for real estate with the excitement of transforming properties into something new and appealing. Combining a banking background with a marketing degree and her love for photography, Samantha brings a strategic financial perspective and a creative edge to her role in real estate. Her active involvement within the Mossy Oak community adds a distinct layer of expertise to her real estate role as well, ensuring an understanding of the outdoor lifestyle. 

Samantha is a well-rounded person, and her authenticity shines through – what you see is what you get. Whether in real estate or life, she brings sincerity and a genuine approach to every interaction. Samantha is adaptable to your needs, taking the time to understand them thoroughly in order to provide a personalized and exceptional level of service. She prioritizes building relationships and ensuring your satisfaction in the long run. Her commitment goes beyond transactions, emphasizing a lasting and positive connection with her clients.

 From tracking game to tracking dream properties, Samantha’s devotion ensures you will not be disappointed.